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How kitchen designers enhance the interior of your kitchen

The kitchen is the key to maintaining happiness in every home. After a long day at work, the whole family can gather in this comfortable area to enjoy hot meals. As a result, creating a contemporary and functional kitchen decor is crucial. So what do kitchen designers do? What advantages do homeowners receive when they design their kitchen? Let’s investigate using Wedesign Interior Lab’s article below.

I. What is the interior design of a kitchen?

The elegant arrangement of furniture, appliances, color, lighting, and ornamental patterns all work together harmoniously to create a beautiful kitchen. This is known as kitchen interior design. It seeks to offer a fully functional kitchen that prepares delectable meals for family members. Our team of expert kitchen designers at Wedesign Interior Lab is prepared to go above and beyond for our clients by designing kitchens that are above their wildest dreams.

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II. The Fundamentals of Gorgeous Kitchen Design

Homeowners can take into consideration the following guidelines to create a stunning kitchen design that maximizes usefulness and ensures aesthetic appeal:

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Principle 1: Comprehending the Design Domain

Interior design requires a thorough understanding of the space’s measurements and configuration. Appropriate design plans can be created by carrying out genuine surveys and measurements to precisely ascertain the room’s proportions. If plumbing and electrical equipment are already built in the kitchen, homeowners should arrange the furniture in that way to guarantee maximum convenience when using the space.

Principle 2: Furniture placement in the kitchen triangle

In order to provide convenience during cooking, this concept indicates that the distance between the cooking area, sink, and refrigerator should not exceed a total of 6 meters. To meet their needs, homeowners should arrange the kitchen cabinets in a different way depending on how they are now arranged. The sink, food prep area, and stove should be arranged from left to right for right-handed people and vice versa for left-handed people. The most practical layout is to keep the cooking area lower than the food preparation area by about 6 cm and to lower the kitchen design by 2 to 4 cm below elbow height.

Principle 3: Kitchen Color Selection

Darker color tones are frequently chosen for modern kitchen designs due to their elegance and simplicity of maintenance. To make a kitchen feel cozier, you must, however, focus on color matching and add some lighter accents as an accent.

Principle 4: Making the Kitchen Safe

Anti-slip mats should be positioned next to the sink, and drapes should be kept away from the stove when there are potentially dangerous items nearby, such as appliances that can catch fire. Drawers with locks are a must for securely storing cleaning supplies and knives in homes with small children. It can be very dangerous for kids to touch the stove or open the oven door when it’s hot, therefore setting the oven at a minimum height of 90 cm helps prevent this from happening.

Principle 5: Materials for Kitchen Interiors

Metal furniture is appropriate for modern kitchens. Products made of metal have a very long lifespan and great durability, which improves the contemporary, opulent standard of living. Furthermore, metal designs create a sophisticated and practical area by radiating elegance, refinement, and individuality. Warm hues like silver, brass, copper, and gold are perfect for establishing an opulent and comfortable kitchen setting. These materials are used frequently to make sinks, refrigerators, faucets, and other appliances.

Alternatively, the right materials can be selected based on the style of the kitchen design.

Principle 6: Kitchen Lighting

The lighting system is just as important as kitchen interior design when it comes to making the kitchen feel better. Warm and opulent lighting is created by strategically placing pendant lights in the dining area or center. For ease of use when doing chores, illumination should also be placed in kitchen areas, sink areas, and cooking tables.

Principle 7: Designing with Open Spaces

These days, open kitchen design is a highly preferred and well-liked style. It smoothly combines functional spaces in place of room separators. It is common to see that the kitchen is rationally and reasonably connected to the eating and living areas. Appropriate furniture selection is essential to creating an attractive and visually pleasing open area. The dining table connects the kitchen and living room spatially since it is positioned in the middle. As an alternative, multipurpose shelves can be used as room separators and storage.

Open design is ideal for tiny and narrow areas since it maximizes space efficiency and fosters personal relationships across rooms within the house.

Principle 8: Arranging Kitchenware

Cooking equipment should be kept neat to prevent accidents and to improve the kitchen’s overall visual appeal. A well-kept kitchen raises the overall visual value of the house.

How kitchen designers enhance the interior of your kitchen

III. Advantages of Interior Design for Kitchens

One of the most important phases in interior design for a home is designing the kitchen. Our kitchen designers at Wedesign Interior Lab will always work alongside homeowners, offering wise counsel all the way from the original concepts to the finished kitchen. Kitchen interior design has a lot of wonderful advantages, including:

  • Optimizing the Use of Kitchen Space: A well-designed and arranged kitchen maximizes the use of available space by being practical, clean, roomy, and airy.
  • Feng Shui-Recommended Kitchen Furniture Arrangement: This guarantees a steady flame, everyday warmth, and the upbringing of a joyful and contented family.
  • Economical Material and Appliance Choices: Our kitchen designers will provide you advice on material and appliance selections that satisfy homeowner preferences, allowing you to cut expenses without sacrificing any kitchen comforts.

A well-designed and comfortable kitchen area promotes emotional bonds amongst family members. The kitchen is especially important because it serves as a window into the joy and love that spouses and kids share via delectable meals. Contact us immediately without further ado.

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