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2024 Interior Design Trends: The Trends Defining Modern Homes

As 2023 comes to a close, it’s time to look ahead to the top interior design trends of 2024. This year, trends like quiet luxury have made their mark, and historical designs such as Japandi and Feng Shui have resurfaced. To predict the best interior design trends for 2024, we’ve consulted experts, Wedesign – Interior Design Vancouver. Here’s what they have to say about the styles that will capture our hearts in the coming year. Experts predict 2024 will be a year of unprecedented personalization, with unique color pairings and a move away from technology.

2024 Interior Design Trends: Experts predict 2024 will be a year of unprecedented personalization,
2024 Interior Design Trends: Experts predict 2024 will be a year of unprecedented personalization,

Ahead, discover the interior design trends you’ll see everywhere in 2024.

1. Brown Renaissance

“In 2024, we’ll see a shift from grays to browns in fabrics, textiles, cabinetry, and casegoods,” says Next Wave Designer DuVäl. The New York Design Center survey confirms this, with over 90% predicting brown will dominate. Designer Katie Rosenfeld highlights the trend with a nude pinky tone from Farrow & Ball to complement browns and olives.

2. Sculptural Art

“Wall-mounted sculptures add depth and dimension,” explains designer Tara McCauley. She prefers mixing various finishes, textures, and shapes. McCauley brings inky dark walls to life with a black and white sculptural piece, creating a blank slate for ideas.

3. Dynamic Range Hoods

Designer Hilary Matt anticipates bolder designs for hood vent covers in 2024. Incorporating textures like plaster or wood fluting, these hoods will pair with eye-catching ranges for a dramatic effect.

4. A Pause From Technology

Nozawa predicts a return to simpler, mechanical home controls. “Clients want ‘dumb homes’ with old-school buttons and switches,” she says. This bathroom design embraces natural light and a tech-free ambiance.

5. Bold Colors

Leah Alexander of Beauty is Abundant foresees a move away from gray and beige toward vibrant, edgy color combinations. Expect unique hues in simple shapes to gain traction.

6. Surprising Murals

Designer Andre Hilton suggests using murals in unexpected places like foyers and stair halls. This trend will make every inch of your home captivating and full of character.

7. Innovative Materials

Joel Wong and Amanda Gunawan of OWIU Design anticipate a rise in sustainable materials, such as seaweed lamps and mycelium features. Next year, sustainability will become a primary goal in design.

8. Customized Secondary Spaces

Hilary Matt expects more homeowners to create functional secondary spaces like back kitchens, wet bars, and butler’s pantries. These areas enhance convenience and storage.

9. Inviting Living Rooms

Alexis Pew of Kaminski + Pew predicts a shift from cold, white living rooms to warm, textural spaces with natural materials and earthy color palettes.

10. A Reintroduction to Chartreuse

This bold, energizing hue will be everywhere in 2024. Designer Tara McCauley advises using chartreuse in moderation, as seen in this bedroom with a chartreuse headboard against a navy blue wall.

11. Personalized Eclecticism

Designer Kerri Pilchik sees 2024 as the year of highly personalized spaces with eclectic decor. Combining antiques with new pieces will create rich, character-filled interiors.

12. Cozy Quiet Luxury

Jen Samson anticipates a trend toward relaxed, casual luxury in furniture. Despite the debate on bouclé, Samson believes it can be a perfect fit for cozy, lived-in designs. The New York Design Center’s survey shows a split opinion on bouclé’s future, making it an intriguing trend to watch.

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