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Nail Artiste




3 weeks




November 22, 2020

Unveiling Nail Artiste, a haven of modern sophistication designed to elevate the nail care experience. This captivating project flawlessly embodies the core principles of modern design. From the crisp furniture layout to the statement lighting, every element contributes to a sleek, sophisticated, and inviting space that caters to the modern clientele.

Design in Details

You’ll be greeted by a visual symphony of modern design elements. The straight lines of the pedicure chairs are mirrored in the rectangular tables manicuring stations, fostering a sense of order and promoting a clean aesthetic. The spacious walking area between stations allows for easy movement and avoids clutter. A calming palette of white and beige washes the walls and floor, creating a sense of serenity. This foundation allows the curved, blush pink accent chairs to add a touch of whimsy and warmth. Pops of metallic gold from the light fixtures and cabinet hardware elevate the space further, exuding a touch of modern luxury. High-quality materials with textural contrast polished concrete floors ground the space in a sleek, contemporary material. This is beautifully contrasted by the plush, velvet upholstery of the chairs, adding a touch of softness and luxury. Modern lighting with purpose: Recessed downlights throughout the ceiling ensure overall brightness, while sleek pendant lights suspended above each manicure station provide task lighting for detailed nail artistry.

Incredible Result

The marriage of these modern design elements culminates in a truly remarkable space. Nail Artiste transcends the traditional nail salon aesthetic. It’s a place where clients can unwind and be pampered in a stylish and sophisticated environment. The clean lines and unobtrusive layout promote a sense of calm, while the high-quality materials whisper luxury. This modern oasis ensures that every visit to Nail Artiste is an unparalleled experience in comfort and sophistication.

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